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In past radio and print interviews, I had indicated that Ex Machina Press, LLC was the result of a “happy accident.” In hindsight, I couldn’t have been more mistaken. Well-renowned author James Lee Burke once said that creativity/artistic talent comes from a source outside of ourselves (his statement left such an impact on me that his words are included in my Editor’s Note contained in Silent Voices: a creative mosaic of fiction, Volume One---Ex Machina Press’s publishing debut). And it couldn’t be any more appropriate regarding how one question led to the most growth-fulfilling moment in my life, “Who would like to be the editor of an in-class publication that contains the fictional works of our class?”

Ex Machina, Volume One was born, which led to the formation of my pride and joy, Ex Machina Press, LLC. Mankind may be the creative lens, but only the awesome, divine nature of providence could be the driving force regarding how something that can seem so “accidental” can in fact be driven by a higher power. And it was simple faith, hope, and charity that created a seed called Ex Machina Press and helped it grow, resulting eight critically acclaimed, award-winning publications. The highest point for my company was when the DIY Book Festival in Los Angeles awarded Ex Machina Press PUBLISHER OF THE YEAR in 2007.

But I have to say that my own personal highpoint is publishing and marketing unknown authors whose artistic “silent voices” demanded to be “heard” and acknowledged, authors who are just as talented as their “famous” colleagues. To see their names on Amazon and Barnes and Noble was a true pleasure to my heart.

But as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end; it was time to box and shelve my shining gem in the archives of my memories.

However, I end this chapter in my life with a nostalgic grin, not with a frown. I had grown considerably as an editor from my business, so much so that it is now my new career. My writing has grown as well, as indicated with my first novel, The Grandmaster, as well as my published short fiction. I had the opportunity to manage a creative staff. And, most importantly, I had the honor to publish fictional works whose talent is truly, and appropriately, providential.

Although the business is closed, this website will not be. I encourage you to look through this site, read our accomplishments, hear our interviews, and check out the websites of these talented authors who, without a shadow of a doubt, prove that “literary excellence is universal.”

Even though the curtain is closed, the show is still going on. And there will be only one Ex Machina Press, LLC.

Peter A. Balaskas





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